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Natural sorting on title of documents

In some cases before the real title of documents a specific Phrase with a number can be logical to add before the title. E.g. Appendix 1 - Title, Appendix 2 - Title, (and so on for 3 until 9), Appendix 10 - Title, Appendix 11 - Title, and so on. When the number goes in the decimals and when sorting on alphabetical order (ASC) the documents are listed as: Appendix 1 - Title, Appendix 10 - Title, Appendix 11 - Title, Appendix 2 - Title, Appendix 3 - Title and so on. The only way to prevent this now is to choose sorting on sequence and use drag and drop in the backend. This can be very time-consuming and is not very userfriendly. Could natural sorting (= the way humans would sort the documents - 1,2,..,10,11,..) be added to the alfabetical ordering in Docman-module?

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