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Add the ability to order attachments

Dear support,

Fileman is a really good extension for Joomla articles. The only thing that it really needs to become the top-level file extension is the Ordering options.

I have been using other extensions to manage articles files & attachments and I recently decided to adopt Fileman.

The Ordering feature is something my customers very often use and with this you cannot manage it (as you upload files, they are automatically put at the end of others).

Please take a look at the attachment extensions I've used with my customers:

- CW Attachments (paid) with an awesome drag and drop ordering feature

- Attachment (free) a very basic extension that still have a workaround for ordering: they can be ordered by "last modified" and a user can edit&save attachments (even without actually modifying anything) in order to move them up.

I hope this helps you to improve your product and become the number one.

Kind regards


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