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Add a new ordering option for documents

It would be helpful for me to be able to have the "Document Options/Sort documents by" menu option to include an option of "Alias". The issue I have is that have a list of meeting dates for this client. They want the documents named September 22, 2018, July 22, 2018, etc. I would like to be able to sort them newest to oldest but can't since they are named using the Month in the title. The only 'work around' I have now is to manually move a new document from the bottom of the list to the top to get it to order correctly. IF you could add the Sort documents by the "Alias", I could set the Alias field as 2018-09-22 for September 22, 2018 meeting and so on for all of the rest of them and then they would sort newest to oldest. Does this make sense? I think it's an easy idea to implement.

The page in question is at

What do you think? Thanks, Tim

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Tim Snellings

System Information