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Make it quicker to add tags top documents

I think it would be very good top have a quicker way to add tags to files. I propose two different features for this:

1. Option to open documents in sequence. That is, select X documents and "open in sequence" and then the first document pops up with a subset of information, and the possibillity to add tags (and other info) and then when you hit "save & next" or "close & next" the next document in sequence will open. This would greatly increase speed on tagging.

2. Predefined tag templates for catagories. For me I often have 5+ tags on my documents but these five tags are the same for all images of a category. And then I have perhaps 10 different categories. I would like to be able to set the same tags on all documents in a category, and also have the option to automatically have all new documents in that document get these tags. The best would of course be if I on top of this could add more tags to specific documents.

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