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Add more buttons and features to the editor

Hi, the TEXTman editor still doesn't seem to compete with other famous editors like JCE or Ark Edtior.

Both these editor have a layout manager to manage which buttons to use in your editor and it would be desireable as it is a common feature among other famous editors.

Some standard features that I'm missing is are (see also attached image):

  • Alignment buttons
  • Text and background color options
  • A browse button in the insert image popup to browse and select or upload a image in the /images folder.
  • Anchor button
    • In the add Link popup window there is a type option to Link to anchor in text but the editor has no 'anchor' button to insert a achnor.

Regarding the image button, when you click it you get promted to enter the URL to the image. In other editors, there is also a [Browse] button next to this field where you can upload or select a image in your joomla /images folder and the URL to the image then gets inserted into the URL field. You do the entire image uploade, select and edit in one button in the editor and TEXTman should have this too.

The drag and drop feature works for uploading a image and you can set the path to be /images instead of /joomlatools-files/textman-files folder and then you can use the image button to edit the image. But editor is still missing a feature to select a already uploaded image.

I know it it's also possible to use the FILELink that comes with FILEman, but if you're not using FILEman and don't have it installed, but instead you're using the Joomla /image folder the editor needs a standalone file browser.

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Símun Hammer

System Information