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FILEMAN - Filelink - Problem with Attachment


I dismounted Docman and installed Fileman instead. While testing the article creation in Frontend, I found the File and Attachments buttons in the editor.

The first works without worries.

The second shows a window in which:

1) at the top I have the possibility to load files - it works because I find them in the fileman-attachments, but not in the file tree,

2) at the bottom the window shows only the icon waiting, and no possibility to add the file or files as Attachments. The wait lasts without ever presenting any button or other possibilities. It's blocked. The only possibility I have (apart from adding files) is to close the window and return to the editor.

Another problems :

The files do not appear in Gallery view in the Menu item 'Fileman Folder'. They only appear in 'Table' view.

Thank you for your reply.

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GREGOIRE Christophe

System Information