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Ensure only certain access levels can see specific categories during upload

Good morning,

We're wondering if there is a way to set up permissions within DocMan's folder categories so that during the add/upload a document process, only certain access levels can see certain folders within DocMan when they go to add a new document. However we need everyone to be able to view the final documents that have been added into the Document Center. I hope this makes sense - the issue is that we have a large amount of document center categories and we're trying to limit who has access to certain category folders for upload priviledges.



Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Robert, if you want to limit the list of categories the uploader can select from, you need to make sure the uploaders 'create' permissions are limited for those specific categories, if the user cannot create documents in the category, it will not be listed.

To do so, you need to change the permissions for each category and only give 'create' permissions to those user groups you want to be able to add documents. By default all if a user has create permissions he will be able to create documents in all categories.

For more info about the permissions please see:

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