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Grant backend access to specific users to manage DOCman

Hello Joomlatools,

This is perhaps more a joomla question - than specific to Docman, however I thought best to ask the experts - since it is your extension I wamt to expose.

I would like to grant backend access to certain users - so thay can access the Docman component via the backend. Also I want to restrict all other Joomla components / menus / etc normally available on the backend.

Are there resources you can recommend that explain the best approach here - that will work with docman.

Thank you.


Posted 5 years ago by Denise Zamora Staff
Hello Robert,

I recommend that you first familiarize yourself with configuring DOCman permission. You can find our documentation here.

Since you want to limit the user's access to menus, Joomla's built in Manager user group might come in handy. Once you've created your desired user group, here's how you can give them access to the DOCman component in admin:
  1. Go to Components > DOCman > Settings
  2. Click on Change action permissions
  3. Select your created user group
  4. Allow them access to Admin Interface and/or Configure ACL & Options depending on what you need.
Does this help? Just let me know if anything is unclear.

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