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Improving the documentation for translations


I'd like to propose that you improve a little the documentation proposed for the translation process.

The translation process is good but the documentation is not very clear.

I had to grep (and spent a lot of time) to find the strings that I needed to propose a french translation to my users.

Maybe you can insert in your documentation a full list of the most used translation strings and variables, or even more exemples ? Currently, the strings are in multiple files and folders, like :




and they are not precisely commented, which may render things pretty difficult to figure which one is used to translate which actions.

I can share the ones that I used for now (pretty basic stuff : Docman, Easydiscuss and log in, log out actions) :

KLS_UPDATED="mis à jour"
KLS_UPLOADED="mis en ligne"
KLS_LOGGED_IN="s'est connecté au"
KLS_LOGGED_OUT="s'est déconnecté du"
KLS_USER_LEVEL="groupe utilisateur"
KLS_ADMIN="panneau d'administration"
;ajouter une discussion
KLS_ACTOR_ACTION_OBJECTSUBTYPE_POST_TITLE_OBJECT="{actor} a {action} cette {object.type} : {object}"
;ajouter un document
KLS_ACTOR_ACTION_OBJECTSUBTYPE_DOCUMENT_TITLE_OBJECT="{actor} a {action} ce document : {object}"
;faire une action dans un dossier
KLS_ACTOR_ACTION_OBJECTTYPE_NAME_OBJECT_TARGET_TARGETTYPE="{actor} a {action} le {object.type} intitulé {object} dans ce dossier : {target}"
;déplacer un document depuis dossier temporaire)
KLS_ACTOR_MOVED_OBJECTTYPE_NAME_OBJECT_TARGET_TARGETTYPE = "{actor} a déplacé le document {object} dans le dossier {target} "
;répondre à un post
KLS_ACTOR_ACTION_REPLY_TARGETSUBTYPE_TARGET_TARGETTYPE="{actor} a {action} une {object.type} à la {target.type} suivante : {target}"
KLS_ACTOR_LOGGED_IN_APPLICATION="{actor} {action} {application}"
KLS_ACTOR_LOGGED_OUT_APPLICATION="{actor} {action} {application}"
;mettre à jour quelquechose
KLS_ACTOR_UPDATED_OBJECTTYPE_NAME_OBJECT="{actor} {action} le {object.type} {object}"
KLS_ACTOR_UPDATED_OBJECTSUBTYPE_OBJECTTYPE_NAME_OBJECT="{actor} a {action} le  {object.subtype} {object.type} avec ce nom : {object}"

Maybe you could also make those strings searchable in the joomla translation manager ?



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Paul-Henri Dumas

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