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I'm using the "Enter a URL instead" sometimes in Docman which is great but is it possible to have it set to always open the new url in a new window - it currently opens it in the same window and I don't want users to leave my site.




Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff
Hello Irene,

It's possible to tell DOCman to open any link in a new window. It's not possible to do this only for URL's you have specified. You can find the setting in your menu item configuration in the DOCman tab. Set the advanced setting 'open download links in a new tab to: YES

See also our menu item documentation:

Note: we do not recommend using this setting. Opening a new tab is not very practical especially on mobile devices. Users know how to force open up a new tab in browser, this choice should be left to the user and not be enforced.

Does that help you?

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Irene Scales

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