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EXPORT issue, can't export


I'm migrating between versions and servers. So I need to export data from Docman in order to import it back. When I click on export, things start nicely then I have this error :

Table 'petitpoisson_test.xsrg3_docman_document_contents' doesn't exist of the following query : SELECT * FROM `xsrg3_docman_document_contents` LIMIT 0 , 300 

petitpoisson_test is my db and xsrg3_ is the prefix for my databases, this is correct. But the docman_document_contents does not exist. What can I do?

Thanks in advanceā€¦


Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff
Hello Xavier,

You are not running the latest version of DOCman it seems, please upgrade to the latest version, if you are running the latest one, do upgrade manually, this will fix the missing database table issue and you should then be able to run the export without problems.

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Xavier Spirlet

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