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Intro image showing like full image in article pages


I have a category catalog blog page, with several articles with intro images, and in my articles pages, intro image is showing like full image

And when if i put full image the intro image is replaced, but I dont want any image,

When i disable the Content - TEXTman Plugin the problem doesn't occur! how i resolve this?

thank you


Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff
I see. You are using the functionality of the intro and full article image in a bit a creative way.

The intro and full article images are not intended to be used like this. An intro image should be a smaller version of the full text image, it shouldn't be a different image, or left blank, while Joomla does indeed allow for this, this is unintended behaviour.

You can solve your problem in two ways:

1. You can create a html module for each of the articles, include the image, title and description you want and the list the modules next to each other. Link the title of the module to the article.

2. You can do a little css override to hide the full text image on your article pages. We have documentation on how to do this here:

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