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How to insert a direct link to the file in the article


Docman 2.0 is a real improvement from docman 1.x as for the ACL and template integrations but I'm a bit lost for the file integration inside an article.

I only can insert a DOCUMENT into an article no direct link to the file, so I just can't give a direct file url to my customers. they have to go through the website.

How can I set up the link in the article so that a popup window appears asking me where to download the file and NOT beeing redirected to the document page?




Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Maurice, We have just released DOCman 2 beta 3. This release includes improvements for the download behavior and also for the SEF routing. URL's have been improved for readability and ease of use.

- The behavior of a link can now be defined by the menu item. If you menu item is set to 'direct download' then all links to documents that are in this menu item will direct download, if your menu item is set to show the details page then all links will go to the details page first.

- To get the direct link to a file all you need to do is add /file to the end of your document URL and it will show or download the actual file attached to the document.

You can download the beta from our downloads section, please also read the upgrade instructions before you upgrade from beta 2 : 1126-upgrading-from-docman-2-beta-2-to-beta-3

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