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Docman and AWS S3

We have been testing Docman with the intent to roll out to several clients for their use as a document management tool. As such each client would have a substantial number of documents (mainly pdfs). Our intent was to use AWS - S3 to store the documents and NOT to have duplicate documents on the Joomla site. We have since discovered that our joomla host cannot allow for the s3fs -

Since you are on a shared hosting platform, it's not possible to fuse mount S3 bucket. Please consider adding the Joomla! extension that will allow you export all your pdf files to Amazon. The most popular being:

I have installed the JA-S3 component and have had some success uploading to S3 and using the cronjob to automatically upload, but I have not been able to get it to work with the Docman component.

So a few questions;
1. Are you aware JA-S3 working with Docman (in the scenario where the documents are ONLY stored on S3 (local copies are deleted)?
2. Is there another method (other than the fuse mount S3 bucket) to store documents on AWS-S3 that works well with Docman?



Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Robert, we have no experience with the JA-S3 component, we don't recommend to use a Joomla plugin to resolve this problem in a secure and reliable way.

The best and most reliable way to solve this would be to make use of the S3 Fuse solution. You can find complete documentation how to do this here:

If you host doesn't support this we can offer you a DOCman hosting as part of our enterprise hosting offering. We can setup Joomla and DOCman for you in a secure and reliable way and setup the S3 Fuse to allow you to store your files on your own S3 bucket.

Hope that helps.

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Robert Cook

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