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Docman - Leads compatibility

Hello Guys,

Here's the thing, i want to know if it is required any especific version of DOCman to run the Leads plugin in my website, because when i installed the latest version of Leads in it, my website turned completely white, and my config options of the plugin was kind of weird... That being said, i thought an upgrade to docman 2.1 from my docman 1.6.4 was needed(correct me if i'm wrong), but following the steps to upgrade, it says i need to install EXTman, but i couldn't find any avaible version of it, so, held me out guys!!



Posted 3 years ago by Rael Canasa Staff

Hello Joao,

There are two versions of Leads available. Leads 2.1.2 is for DOCman 2.1 while Leads 3.1.0 is for DOCman 3.1. May we know which one is installed on your site?

If you could give us super administrator access for your site, we could take a closer look at the issue for you. You may add the credentials to the private note.


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João Victor Cantão Pereira de Souza

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