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Does recategorising files move them?

Sorry if this question is answered somewhere already, i had a look through the documentation as I was sure I remembered seeing something about it in there, but couldn't find it.

I believe that when we upload a document and assign a category the file will be placed into the relevant folder within joomlatools-files/docman-files/ - ie if I upload it into the category root>support>downloads then the file will be placed, physically, into joomlatools-files/docman-files/support/downloads. I hope that is correct!

My question is, if we then change the category of this file to root>general>downloads will the underlying file be moved into the physical folder joomlatools-files/docman-files/general/downloads or will it remain in joomlatools-files/docman-files/support/downloads?


Posted 3 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Simon,

The files for documents are located in a folder defined by the category. If you later change this folder for a category, this change will only affect new documents. Files from old documents will remain on their old location and only files for new documents will be added in the new folder.

Does this help?

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Simon Logan

System Information