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Beautiful DOCman breadcrumbs?

DOCman is such a great extension. The infinite nested categories for documents especially... And that each category can have an image makes it look so nice.

It is easy to get lost though, in the heirarchy of files. This makes breadcrumbs at the top a necessity.

A forum post I read suggested simply publishing the Joomla stock breadcrumbs module, which works fine I suppose...

But we have all these beautiful images attached to our categories! Does anyone agree that a specialized DOCman breadcrumbs module (only for DOCman paths of course) that displayed a string of IMAGES (category thumbnails) at the top would be fantastically gorgeous? Instead of just text links in the breadcrumbs...

I realize I could make this happen with another extension. But it would mean manually, and separately, uploading the same images to another extension. Seems like DOCman could make this much more automatic.

It also seems odd to me that an extension that specializes in file heirarchy doesn't include any sort of breadcrumbs functionality of its own. But that's just me...

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Jeffrey Millis

System Information