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Akeeba backup question?

I read through the documentation on migrations. I'm still confused about this:

If I backup my site using Akeeba Backup, and then restore the backup in the same exact domain/directory, (using a new database), will all the DOCman data automatically work after restoring? I do I have to do a "migration" to make it work?

What if I restore the backup to the same domain, but a new directory and database? I do this sometimes if I'm experimenting. My live site for customers is at "[mysite].com" ..., but I'll take a backup of it and restore it to "[mysite]/" ..., so that I can experiment there. Then, when I get it the way I like it, I'll back up the site from the test directory, and restore it to the original domain (after deleting all the old files there).

I'm not a Joomla expert so I have no idea if this is common practice or if I'm doing it a weird way. Anyway, after backing up and restoring to a new folder/database with Akeeba, do DOCman files work automatically, or do they need to be migrated?


Posted 4 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Jeffrey,

I'm affraid that this is a question that you'll have to ask to Akeeba's developer. He'll be able to provide you with straight answer to this question of yours.

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Jeffrey Millis

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