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Difference between a file and a document?

I searched the forum but didn't find this question answered: What exactly is the difference between a file and a document?

I did see in other posts that there is a distinction, but I don't understand exactly what it is. I saw that apparently DOCman is in some sort of transition where the "file manager" is being phased out? As a new user, I'm not sure what that is, or does, or how it affects my work going forward. If it's going to be phased out, should I avoid using the file tab completely?

In other words, what exactly do I do under the DOCman Documents tab, versus the Files tab?



Posted 4 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Jeffrey,

You'll probably find the answer here. The difference between FILEman and DOCman will explain the reason of existence of document which is basically a virtual container for file which allows to configure it properly by defining permissions, metadata, tags, etc.

Does this help?

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Jeffrey Millis

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