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Create documents button for a lot of files needed

I have, a lot of from one uploadmanager uploaded files, on the filesystem from docman.
On the last Version, i click into the filemanager into the folder select all files and click on "Create Documents",
select the cathegory for all files and create for all a Document.
So i have 20 Documents on the right cathegory and with the right rights.

Can you give me a way to create this documents on the new Version?
Sometimes, there are 100 documents a day.


Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Stefan, the button has been replaces by the 'upload' button in the document manager. The flow is still the same, you can upload files and create documents for them all in one go.

We are moving all the functionality in the documents manager and are planning to remove the file manager completely in a next release.

For more info:

If you wish to automatically create documents you can use our automatic document creation feature we introduced in DOCman 3. For more info:

Think this last feature will help solve your workflow issue for you.

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