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Update to 3.1.0 Loses Create Document function

Just updated to DOCman 3.1.0 and the backend lost the Create Document button ( from File) .

If I upload a file, again on the backend, how am I supposed to create a document from it since you seem to have removed the function and not given any clear alternative procedure? ( Note: I did manage to finally create a document, but it wasn't a clear path to doing so)



Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Karolyn, that is correct. This is a first step towards removal of the file manager to make DOCman easier and more straightforward to use.

In the documents manager you will now find a 'upload' button that allows you to upload multiple files and create documents for them in one go. This replaces the 'create documents' flow and works in the same way.

Does that help you?

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