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Universal Ajax live search with more options


I think that it is really great that you support this extension (Beta RC2) and think it has a huge potential, but I would like to see more features and I am not sure if this lies with you or the developer of Universal Ajax live search but here goes.

1. Be able to set a more specific depth in the live search. eg. set a DOCman category with subfolders or add addtional categories to a Universal Ajax live search module. (Now it searches the whole DOCman library which is a little frustrating if you want to use it for specific items.)

2. Still waiting (hoping) for you guys to add the option of either being able to add a specific language to a document or being able to add multiple files to a document. - This expands the option of being able to do a specific live search in a certain language.

And there is properbly much more you can do with this but here was some of my ideas I liked to share with you.

Keep up the good you. :)

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