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Help need to understand folders and documents permissions in DocMan

We have implemented DocMan for document management in our project. A user will register on our site and upload his documents in a pre-defined structure of folders. Like we have a parent folder (named Year-2018) and 6 subfolders (named Salary Slip, Bank Statement etc.). A user will come to sub folders one by one and upload required document.

After uploading process, we want another type of users to see folders and documents of certain users. For this, we are looking for a way to share a parent folder rights with another type of registered users. So our special user can see folder name Year-2018 along with all sub folders and documents.

From DocMan documentation what I got to know is, document sharing is possible by giving rights to certain users. But in our case, we want our special user to see documents with a directory structure. Uploaded documents could be many in numbers, so we do not want our special user to get confused.

Please suggest any way forward.


Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Abdul,

What you are looking for is perfectly possible.

1. User specific files and folders

For your first scenario you create your shared category structure and then follow following tutorial: to ensure logged in users only see their own documents.

- Menu item: My Documents

- Permissions: Create a special user group and access level for all the users that will be uploading their own files and set the access level on the menu item you created. This ensures only these users see the menu item.

2. See all files and folders

For your second scenario you use the category structure created in the first scenario, but setup a different menu item, this menu item will link to the same root folder as of 1, but allow the user to see all the files and folders.

- Menu item: All Documents

- Permissions: The user in scenario to can be part of the '"registered' user group, that way he can only see and download files and folders but not add, or edit any.

Does that help you?

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Abdul Waheed

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