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Managing Thumbnails for Documents

I'm a new DocMan user.  I'm migrating our corporate site which contains literally thousands of downloadable files, each with a preview image (thumbnail).  It's simple enough to see how DocMan handles this ... all the images are placed in the Joomla images directory and you simply select it from the drop down when you add the document.

The issue is that the number of images we have is incredible.  Having all of those images in one single directory is a disaster as it makes the directory list very slow in loading, then scrolling to find the file is a task too.  It's very difficult to work with.

In our previous site, we used the Joomla media manager to create directories for various document types, kind of like categories, so when users selected a thumbnail, it would bring up the Joomla media manager, they'd select thumbnails folder and locate their thumbnail.  It was a few more clicks but it kept load speeds and scrolling to a minimum.

Is there any solution for DocMan to help remedy this issue?  I know it's not a DocMan bug or anything like that, but its a feature I know our company could really use.  I don't want to have to modify your software myself ... in fact, I won't. 

I was using PhocaDownload before which does offer this kind of image selection.  Perhaps there's a built-in Joomla tool we can use in place of the drop-down that fires off the media manager?

Thank you so much.



Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Mike, DOCman 2.0 beta allows for this functionality. You can upload your thumbnails into different folders and then easily attach them to your documents. Does that help you ?

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