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Add Username to download notification email?

We are testing our Doc/file/log man system right now and we received an email when a document was downloaded. The email reads:

Hi <admin>,
The document with the title "<Filename>" has been downloaded on <website>.
You can view the document here <Link>.


My client asked me if it was possible to add the Username/email of the user that downloaded the document to the email.

In fact, whiloe I am at it, would that be possible for Fileman as well?

I found where the Language file is. For Docman is in:


Am I correct? I noticed there is a {syntax} in use, but before I start messing with it, I'd like to hear from support or a knowledgable user.

It would be nice if we could format the email something like this:

Hi <admin>,
The document with the title "<Filename>" has been downloaded on <website> by <username> <email>
You can view the document here <Link>.


Thank you.


Posted 5 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Donna,

The email body you are referring to is generated by the DOCman notify plugin. This plugin makes use of a template for generating the email meaning that it's overridable.

In the plugin's documentaion page you will find the layout that needs to be overriden for achieving what you need.

We may help you out with the override but this level of support service is only available to bussiness and agency subscribers. If you are interested on upgrading please let us know.

I hope this helps.

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Donna Rush

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