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Display non-sef URLs

Would it be possible to display the non-sef URL for each document, perhaps in the admin listing, so that it can be quickly and easily copied and pasted?

The insert document plugin is useful but with systems like SPPagebuilder they don't load content plugin buttons and at present there's no way for someone to just grab the direct URL link to a Docman document.

The ID of the documents aren't even displayed in the backend, you have to hover over them to view the link in the bottom corner of the browser.


Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Simon,

I understand your problem. Unfortunatly this is not possible. There is no one to one relationship between an document an a frontend URL. A document can technically have multiple URL's on the frontend. This is due to the way the Joomla architecture works.

The solution for the problem would be that the pagebuilder offer support for editor plugins. It would be a bit counter productive to need to adjust our extensions for the lack of a feature in another extension.

I think the best solution would be to integrate our LOGman Linker plugin. Linker can track and resources on your Joomla site and insert links to it. Linker could be integrated in a different way then through a editor plugin SPPagebuilder. This would allow you to very easily insert links to anything on your site.

More info about linker:

If the people at Joomlashaper are interested in this we are most happy to work with them.

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Simon Logan

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