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Exporting Logman line items into a user friendly format

I keep most of my client sites up to date on an ongoing basis and typically charge them on an annual subscription type basis. Some would like to understand what happens behind the scenes (and visualize what they get charged for). This is why I pay for Logman. That is it's sole purpose to me.

If I visually look at the logs on the backend of Joomla, they typically have an easily understandable description such as:

"Super Admin upgraded the plg_system_jce plugin version 2.6.16"

- even a layperson who knows they use the JCE editor will get the gist with minimal explanation.

However, if I export the list to CSV, they get columns of what appears to them as gibberish so the above get's exported looking more like this: (in columns of course)

bfa92cb5dca9454ebbda4168cb513bd9 admin update installer plugin 10256 plg_system_jce 2017-07-01 17:22:08 168 Super Admin 2601:88:401:e6b:ddf3:c798:b6c0:c0bd

Mind you, that this is something I'm sending out on an annual or at most quarterly basis (not daily) so sending screenshots of the prettified Joomla backend is not feasible. My exports have hundreds and hundreds of lines that look like the above.

Why can't there be a way to export this data in a way that is easily understood in the same way it's presented on the backend (without creating dozens of manual screenshots).

Please view my screenshot for you, to further clarify my request:


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Marc F

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