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Dashboard front end link

I have been unable to edit or override the icon and text for "Dashboard" in my site.

The menu looks like this (I attached an image)

Home | Dashboard | Logout

All I need to do is apply a "Display:none;" to the "Dasboard link but nothing works.

I even tried using the "Re-replacer" app from but that too fails. It's like the dashboard loads after everything else has run on the page.

I want to keep the dashboard because the Home and Logout Links are very nicely positioned and I'd hate to lose them. No one needs front end access to the site, thus that link is unnecessary, but I can't get rid of it.

Is there a way to affect it so it doesn't show up but the rest of the menu does?

Thank you.


Posted 5 years ago by Donna Rush

Sorry, I solved it. I used this CSS in my custom.css file:

body #k-edit-bar #k-edit-bar__link--dashboard {display:none!important;}

and it worked fine.

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Donna Rush

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