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No individual document permissions in 3.x

Hi, was using change action permissions for individual documents. Crtitical to the way folks got access to download e.g. only if member of group. The ability to set this for single doc appears to have gone when I ugraded Docman to latest version. Please advice. Thanks you.

Attached image from previous Docman version which worked fine?


Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Crawford, that is correct, DOCman 3 doesn't have individual document permissions anymore.

We taken this step as this feature is not used, you are the first costumer who noticed it, and by doing so we can further improve other features in DOCman, for example frontend document counts and the the DOCLink plugin we will be able to improve and simplify further by removing individual document permissions.

Does that help you?

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Crawford Colville

System Information