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Good morning, I am here with a problem and would like me to clarify the following question. When I use the Tree List on my website it automatically gets black, however I wanted it to look similar to my blue layout. How can I change the color of the letter / icon of the tree list? It's possible? Here is an example where I notice that both black and blue look: (left corner)



Posted 3 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Carlos,

Thanks for the link.

Our tree list inhertis from the body color property of your template, which in this case is black. This is done so that the tree blends better with your template color scheme.

You may of course override this by using some simple CSS. For this specific task you may use the following override:

.k-tree {
 color: blue; 

You may use the color of your choice instead of blue.

I hope this helps.

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Carlos Loureiro

System Information