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Create own template for list documents


how create own template for list documents. I need list subcategories after list documents. I use default hirearchy list categoris and documents with List view. I copied from com_docman\views\flat\tmpl\default.html.php to templates\mytemplate\html\com_docman\views\flat\tmpl\ and in menu item I defined template as myTemplate, but on the page was mistake with icon of documents.

And second question.
I need show module of documents in article. I define module in special position and show the module in article. But the module uses different view than the module from the menu. I would like a some view default hirearchy list categoris and documents.

And I read in forum about view all documents from all subcategories that is not possible, but is there any response?
I would like a view:

List of documents from maincategory

Name of Subcategory1
List of documents from subcategory 2

Name of Subcategory2
List of documents from subcategory 2

Thank you for your answer.



Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello David, we are happy to assist you. However developer support is not included in your DOCman subscription, it's part of our Business and Agency subscriptions.

If you like us to upgrade your subscription for you we are most happy to do so and further assist you. Just let us know.

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David Blahut

System Information