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to be honest people which are using currently DOCman3 and earlier they used the DOCman2 complain about less visibility when Adding Document to article. Take a look at my screenshot. :(



Posted 3 years ago by Robin Poort Staff

Hi Tomasz,

Thank you for your feedback!

The reason we chose to display the information this way is because of several reasons:

1. We want a consistent User Interface for all of our extensions and their plugins.
2. We needed an interface that is very usable for mobile devices as well
3. We'd like our interfaces to be scalable

Some examples for the above points:

1. Open both "Document" and "File" to see we'd like to keep things the same. We couldn't possible fit all the "File" info in a module footer so we decided to go this way.
2. See attached image to see how this works on mobile, dedicating as much space as possible to your mobile screen.
3. Currently DOClink only shows a field with the name of the document, but if we later on decide to add the option of displaying filetype and filesize per doclink as well, then we'd have to change the layout of this popup.

That said: you've got a very good point and this is something that has bothered me for a while as well. I just said we want as much space as possible on mobile while neglecting this for the desktop view. We've already worked on customizing the size of the lightboxes so they're bigger than the default Joomla lightboxes (since they are very small). We're also thinking about removing or moving the date and publication information to give more space to the table of documents itself. Another thing we're looking into is hiding the right sidebar by default and open it on selecting a document, just like we do on mobile. All of these options need to be built and tested before we decide what goes in though.

Thanks again for your feedback and I hope this answer is good enough for now. We'll keep you posted!

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Tomasz Kolasa

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