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Add Document vs Upload

Hi there,

I've just updated to Docman 3. In front end editing, I can only remember an 'Add New Document' button on the front end, now there are three buttons, Add document, Add category and Upload.

I can't find any info on the difference between Add document and Upload, or rather when to use which option and does it matter. I can see when using Upload there aren't fields to enter additional info (publishing dates, description etc.), but the file does get added to the category listing and can be downloaded just the same.

We don't use descriptions, in fact the information on our document listings is very basic, just the icon/title/published date. I'm wondering if we can just use the Upload option or if it's really best to use Add Document?

Hope you can straighten this out for me - I feel like I'm missing something really obvious!!!



Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Kate, happy to help you!

The difference between "upload" and "add a new document" is very simple.

- Add a new document: When you are adding a new document you first create a single document, fill in the exact details and then you upload the file for that document.

- Upload: when you are uploading you can upload one or more files at once and then have documents created for those files. You can only set the general details for documents during upload. You can then change each one individually after.

So if you don't use the descriptions you can just use the 'upload' option.

Does that help you?


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Kate Wardman

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