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Before tag in docman


I added code for a chat widget that I only want to appear after someone logs into docman from our login page. To add the code is easy:

"In your website's source file, "paste" the code into the existing code anywhere before the </body> tag"

If I add this to source file it appears on all pages. Does the docman component have a source file area where I can add the chat code so it only appears in docman after they login?

Any other suggestions would be great appreciated.

Thanks heaps


Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Jason, no DOCman doesn't have such a file.

The way to resolve this would be to create a plugin that injects the code and only does so for DOCman pages and if the user is logged in. This would be a plugin that needs to be custom build for you.

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Jason Kimber

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