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E-Mail Notification to User if Admin Uploads Files to the Users's Homedirectory


i have another question for our Fileman implementation.

In our system there are two ways how Files can be Uploaded in FIleman.

The User can Upload a File only to his own Directory (Homedir) that only he is able to access. In This case Fileman can be configured to send an EMail to the Administrator that someone uploaded a file (for review). This works so far with the limitation that the mail to the administrator doesnt contain the info which user has uploaded the file.

Is there a way to include this information in the E-Mail? maybe even a backend link that leads to the file?

The second use case is that an administrator uploads a file to a users "homedir" via the fileman backend.

Is there a way to notify the user about this upload? Otherwise the administrator has to send a mail manually after he uploaded a file for a user.

thanks in advance,

br jan


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Jan, no the feature you are looking for are not available in FILEman at the moment. However they can be achieved using DOCman in combination with the DOCman Notify plugin:

Does that help you?

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Jan Kuhr

System Information