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Doclnk Not Sorting Menu Items and Categories Alphabetically

We have installed Docman 3.07 and having an issue with Doclink.

The Menu Items and Categories are not in Alphabetical order. Since with have hundreds of categories it has become a royal mess for our users. Also we can barely see the category names as we drill down. See attached for both issues.


Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Mark, the custom none alphabetical ordering of both the menu items and categories in DOCLink is by design:

1. The menu items are ordered in the same way they appear on your website and they use the ordering your have set in the menu manager.

2. The categories that we show per menu item are ordered using the custom category ordering and not alphabetical.

If you wish to change the ordering of the categories as you see them in the doclink dialog you can do so by changing the custom ordering. You can do that by clicking on the arrow and then dragging and dropping your categories as you see fit.

I hope that helps to further explain.

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Mark Seder

System Information