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Use email address rather than joomla "username" for naming user's folders on filesystem


i am developing a page where users can upload own filres to their custom directory with fileman.

Everything is fine so far and the folders get created correctly in the give joomlatools basepath for each user.

my question is now if there is a simple way to tell fileman not to use the joomla username for directory naming but a different one based on other userdata.

The usernames are often complicated and ridiculous because they are selected by the users themselves making it hard to find their folders in the filesystem.

We would like to have a folder naming convention like:

"lastname_firstname_email" to be able to quickly find the users folder on the ftp for putting content in its place.

da you have any idea how this can be done without a lot of changes to the joomlatools or fileman itself?

thanks in advance, -Jan


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Jan, I'm afriad right now there is no out of the box or easy way to do this.

The reason we use username is because it's unique, in Joomla multiple users can share the same email address, this means that the combination of lastname_firstname_email would not be a unique combination. A solution for that could be to to lastname_firstname_id (where id the the users id).

Purely technically speaking adding the id is not ideal either as this would mean we are leaking internal information to the file system. Someone with filesystem access would then know a users id, which can in turn be used to hack into the site.

I understand your problem, but I'm afraid there is no easy solution for this.

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Jan Kuhr

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