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change the redirect for login

I would like to change where the default redirect to login for a download if the user did not login yet.

We use CB and docman defults to joomla native login. I want to redirect it to CB login.

Where do I do this.

Thank you


Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Robert, DOCman doesn't have a setting for this.

If a users clicks on the download button and he is not logged in DOCman will redirect the user to the login page. CB should intercept this request and then redirect the user futher from there.

You can probably solve this problem by adding a redirect to Joomla itself using the redirect component (not tried this yet) to redirect from the Joomla login page to the CB login page, or you might want to ask the CB team how to best resolve this.

Does that help you?

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Robert Andrews

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