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Deleting Documents - Front End

Hi Joomlatools:

I have created users called managers who are now able to add documents and categories from the front end. The managers upload their documents (usually PDF files) and it all works fine.

However, when a manager logs in to the front end and 'views' the documents there is an option to 'delete' any and all folders and files that appear. I had thought that the persons 'submitting' the files would be the only ones who could delete their own files - except for perhaps the 'super user'.

I am going to give you a login in the private note so that you can see this for yourself. The login is beneath the promotional bar (click on the X) button so you can access the Managers' Login. Please test this out and let me know how we can make changes to this.




Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Anthony, by default a manager (a user part of the manager group) has delete permissions.

If you don't want managers to be able to delete you need to disable the delete permissions for them.

Does that help you?

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Anthony Joseph Shaw

System Information