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Viewing the exact number of documents contained in the categories

I was surprised that the latest DOCman can not as trivial as viewing the exact number of documents contained in the categories (frontend). DOCman old version (1.4) that she could, it can EDocman, can also Phoca Download (which is even free) - but the new DOCman can not!! Why????? And when we see this feature? If you know - after this function (here in the forum) demand for several years! It is so complicated function ?? I doubt it ...


Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Tomas,

Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated.

Unlike Phoca and EDocman, DOCman 2 and 3 offer full support for the Joomla permission system. The Joomla permission system brings a number of challenges. One of them is that it's very hard to calculte the amount of documents in a category in a performant way.

Since we have per document permissions, we need to check the permissions of each document in the category to create a count. This operation very expensive and slow as we now need to take the category and document permissions into account. Performance is very important for us, so we opted to leave this out for the moment until we can create a performant solution that also works with 1000+ documents.

For more info please also see the following feature request: topic/902-20-frontend-document-count

I hope that helps you to understand why this is not available yet, if you have any questions just let me know happy to answer them.

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Tomas Lavicky

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