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Access issue when linking directly from an article


In an article, I have created a direct link to an individual DocMan document (pdf). The access situation is a bit complicated:

- The document is assigned to a category that is set to access for registered users; it is part of a series of documents that we want to keep complete.

- However we want to show this particular document to public users as well.

We've set the access for this individual document to Public, while the category and all other documents in it are Registered access. However, when linking directly to the document the non-registered user is denied access.

I noticed before that access to DocMan documents may depend on menu settings. We have a menu item that points at the category and this is set to Registered access. So I created a menu item for this particular document as well, with Public access. However, this did not solve the issue.

I hope that you can help me.

Kind regards, Frits


Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Frits, your document is in a category that doesn't allow public access which means that no matter the access settings you choose for the document only registered users will be able to access it.

As a rule of thumb: "The category acts as a container, it only allows those people inside that have been given access."

Solution: If you wish to give the public access to the specific document it needs to be in a category which is also accessible to the public.

Does that help you?

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