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Recording user logins and logouts

Hi, I have recently installed LOGman and have noticed that some users log-in and log-out and both actions are recorded, and at other times users log-in (which is recorded) but then just disappear - in the sense that they are no longer logged-in but also not recorded as logging-out. Could this be because they may have instead been timed-out of the session, which means they were not recorded as actually logging-out, or is there some other reason?


Posted 5 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Howard,

This is correct. Not every user explicitely logs out and their sessions end up expiring. In this last case scenario LOGman will not issue an activity log since this action didn't originate from the user but from the server instead. LOGman logs user actions only.

Does this help?

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Howard Knight

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