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Icon link in JCE Editor

When you enter a document with DOCMAN in JCE editor, the document icon (PDF, DOC, etc.) appears. In an article, when we upload a file with FILEMAN, and then insert it, only a link with text appears. Where is the icon?

We think it is very uncomfortable for publishers to have to upload the file first and then open the "Insert Document" button to appear with that style.

We have +1,000 files and we also need to know how to open them in a new window. In DOCMAN it is very easy, but not with FILEMAN.

Thank you very much




Posted 2 days ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Senda, we have just release FILEman 3.3 which now includes filetype icons. You will find 2 additional settings in the FILELink plugin to enable or disable this behavior.

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