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Connect looks interesting, we built our own PDF content indexer for DocMan a few years ago but its running on an old 1.6 Docman. I'm looking to migrate this 1.6 instance to 3 and I'd rather not port the plugin so this would be a good fit it seems. But I'd like to know why its necessary to do it on your servers? Coudl we not run it oursleves. We like to keep the data on our own servers.


Posted 7 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Nick,

There are three major reasons we are using our servers for indexing.

- Most of our clients are on shared hosting and the servers are rarely capable of doing anything advanced like the indexing. This is also important for file thumbnails, it's almost impossible to generate them on shared hosts because of security limitations, memory limits, or simple server power.

- Running this on our side, we can provide support for a lot more extensions than just PDFs. You will see that all office files from Word, Excel, or even Powerpoint is indexed on top of PDFs.

- Connect architecture will allow us to be able to provide advanced features using cutting edge data science software and techniques. For example, Joomla search capabilities fall short at indexing documents in languages other than English. Using Connect we are going to be able to provide better indices by removing stopwords in many languages or creating smart thumbnails.

Also we do not store file contents after indexing them and handing them back to your site. And files are always encrypted en route to our servers and if you have HTTPS back to yours.

Does this help answer your question?

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