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DOCLink URL asks to login

We have been using doclink to create links to documents within docman. Once the links are created we are finding that the URL that it produces adds &Itemid=172 at the end of the URL.

The outcome of this is when a guest user of the website selects this link it then prompts them for a username and password even though the link is meant to be public.

We have recently upgraded to joomla 2.5 and the latest docman 1.6.3 prior to this, this problem didnt exists. I have checked the permissions tab and Guest access is set to Browse download and view.

Can you let me know firstly is this the best way to link to a document from within an article and is there anything we can do to resolve this problem without having to go back and change all our links?

many thanks



Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

DOCLink is the proper way to link to documents from inside your articles. You are not doing anything wrong. The problem stems from a small difference in behavior between DOCLink on Joomla 1.5 and on 2.5.

DOCLink will add an &Itemid=x to your link as this is required by Joomla. DOCLink will try to find the Itemid by traversing your menu items. The first menu item (meaning the one with the lowest id) he will take and append as the Itemid.

In your case this is Itemid 173 or menu item 173. If you check your menu items you will notice that the menu item with id 173 is a link to DOCman.

Very likely the problem is that menu item 173 is not publicly accesible. Please check if this is the case. If so the problem can be solved by making this menu item publicly accessible.

Does that help ?

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