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Improve DOClink window UI ?

I'm using DOCLink quit often. When Docman files are organised by categories and subcategories, it is not easy anymore to use the Doclink window in the editor. Categories and specially subactegories begin to desappear in left col. Please see image here.

And this example is not the worst of my websites :-)

I know I can drag the bottom slide, but it takes times to choose files with that : Some times subactaegories have same names and it is the main category that make the difference, so I have to see both when i choose à folder... Hope my explanation is clear :)

I don't have any solution for that but maybe showing only category in wich you navigate (with a back button) could be one ?

BTW, I saw several topics talking about showing OR NOT some menu in the DOClink window. That is a real great idea, any roadmap for that ?

Maybe it could be a good idea to bring some improvment for that so useful DOClink ?

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Stephan Herby

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