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Some pre-sales questions

Hi JoomlaTools, TEXTman looks really promissing for us, we do have some questions.

Is it possible to add a new article and also create a menu-item for it? I.e., can we somehow manage the menu's through the frontend? If not, you sould create a MENUman, the frontend menu manager ;-) I think this is one of the big missed Joomla functionalities.

Nowadays we build Bootstrap 3 based templates. Does TEXTman work in a Bootstrap 3 based template?

Thanks in advance,



Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Rene, happy to help you.

1. Not yet. TEXTman does already understand to which menu item an article is linked. For example in case of a single article menu item if you unpublish the article the menu item is also unpublished.

The ability to also be able to add a single article, or even add new menu items would be a logical next step and think we can fit that nicely in TEXTman. If you are interested in that please create a feature request in our ideas forum and we are happy to look into this.

2. TEXTman doesn't interfere with the article rendering or template itself. Rendering of the articles still happens through the Joomla content component and any overrides that might be in place.

Does that help you?

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Rene Kreijveld

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