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A FILEman question and some problems


Q. How can I allow more file extensions to be uploaded? I get this error on a number of common file formats such as .zip and .gz.

A. I have now tested on a pristine install of Joomla 2.5.4 and it appears I can upload files normally now. It seems that this problem only existed on 2.5.3.


1. Styling issues

I noticed a few new problems now, probably just minor view/layout issues (tested with Chrome, Safari and IE9).

  1. In the backend FILEman media manager, some files are not listed. Specifically the joomla logo .gif files and the .gz files I used to test the above mentioned issue.
  2. Some minor layout issues with the FILElink dialogue: it seems unnecessary to have to scroll down to complete the link details
  3. FILElink button below the wyswig editor is missing the rounded corners on the left side.

2. Suhosin

I recently purchased nBill and it is going to be my main business backend application. The problem is that when I install the Joomlatools extension on my live server I get the suhosin patch problem. The .htaccess workaround does not work and if I use a php.ini override nBill stops working, probably due to an issue with the ioncube loader. This again means I will need to add the loader and the php.ini override to the script root, which again adds steps in every upgrade and new installs.

I am sorry to say that the extra effort just to get these extensions to work do not seem to be worth it at the moment. nBill is more important to me.


Posted 11 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Note : I took the liberty of restructuring your report a little bit to separate the different issues. 

1. Styling issues. We are aware there are a number of smaller styling issues. Especially in certain versions of IE. We are working on resolving those.

2. Suhosin. We are working on resolving the suhosin problem for installations that are running suhosin. Please double check though that you are running the latest ioncube loader. We reported a bug a while ago which was fixed.

It could be that an update of suhosin will already solve your problem. You will offcourse still need to override through .htaccess or php.ini.

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