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I'm trying to publish a document on mi website with owner user A.

The idea is to set the field "Start publishing on" tomorrow, so the user A can see the document only tomorro and not today.

in addition with plugin Docman notify enabled the ideal condition could be that also the email will sendo directly tomorrow and not at the creation time.

How can obtain this scenario?

What is the "Start publishing on" field "?

I tryed to create a document with "Start publishing on" setted on 20/01/2017 ma the owner can see the docuemnt also now. Why?



Posted 5 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Marianna,

Document owners can always see their documents, event if they are unpublished, that's the reason.

The scheduled publication feature will work for users that do not own the documents. In this case the documents will get published when the date condition is fulfilled and users that have access to them will be able to see them.

Does this help?

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Carlo Bertini

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