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Troubleshooting unexpected behaviour in Docman 2.1.5


I had done some misconfiguration in System - Global Configuration - Permissions

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Hi Joomlatools,

My Joomla! Site is running: 3.6.5 and Docman 2.1.5

Upgraded from Joomla 2.5.28 to 3.6.5, and I used Docman import in the migration process.

I have setup a Category hieracy with 4 levels. User group must only be able to manage (Create, Delete and Edit) in ‘depest' 2 levels.

The user group 'test' is a direct child of registered.

Test - (root category) User group 'test' can view/download
...Level1 - User group 'test' can view/download
......Level2 - User group 'test' can Manage (View/download, Create, Delete and Edit)
..........Level3 - User group 'test' can Manage (View/download, Create, Delete and Edit)

I can set it up to work in a few minutes in my test site. So I definately know how to accomplish the setup that I need.

But on the production site, i get unexpected behaviour in how it calculates the 'change action' permissions.

Create, Delete and Edit are set 'Allowed' in level2 for group 'test', but the Calculated settings are still: Not Allowed (Locked)

In my test site it works as expected. The testsite is also a copy of the migrated site. And I have checked everything like a thousand times...

I guess it points at some issue in my global config, but I have been walking through those many times.

Any advice is needed in how to resolve this issue.
Thank you in advance

Kind regards,
Morten Bøgeholm


Posted 5 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Morten,

Please check that a parent usergroup from the usergroup test doesn't have those permissions set as denied. If you did this, then childreen usergroups cannot be set as allowed since they've been "locked".

In Joomla you cannot deny an action for a parent group and then allow it for a child. For more info on how to solve this please read: docman/documentation/permissions/preventing-conflict-errors-when-using-action-permissions/

Does this help?

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Morten Bøgeholm

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